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A nicely typeset table of the 100 most common radicals in Chinese characters
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The 100 most common chinese radicals

A nicely typeset table of the 100 most common radicals in Chinese characters, where all radicals and example characters are hyperlinked to

The original data this work is based on was prepared by Olle Linge, the author of, for .

If you want to recreate the PDF from the orginal .txt file you need to

  • apply the texify-radicals.awk script to the .txt file to get the .inc file
  • xelatex the .tex file with activated -shell-escape

Activated -shell-escape is necessary because for each hyperlinked chinese character xelatex needs to call the script for url-encoding of the characters, so that we can build correctly encoded URLs.


The contents of the table (compilation of the radicals, examples and comments) are (C) 2012 Olle Linge. was taken from and is (C) 2010 Isao Yasuda.

The scripts and LaTeX macros for typesetting the table are free to take, modify and redistribute under a CC-BY-SA (creative commons-attribution-share alike) license.

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