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What is it?


It's an interactive application written using Dash (a.k.a shiny for python). This application demonstrates how easily you can build interactive visualizations in pure Python. I have used the classic iris dataset in this project.

No HTML/CSS/JS required. Although you could choose to add CSS and write your custom React/JS components.

How to install?

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run?

python 8000 #change 8000 to any port you want


python #runs on port 80 by default

How to deploy it to Heroku?

Make sure that you have a Heroku account. Then, follow the steps in

or keep reading..

This app is deployment ready.

  • update requirements.txt before pushing to heroku

      pip freeze > requirments.txt
  • First time set-up:

      $ heroku create UNIQUE-APP-NAME # 1\. change UNIQUE-APP-NAME to a name of your liking
      $ git add . # 2\. add all files to git
      $ git commit -m 'Initial app boilerplate' # 3\. commit your changes
      $ git push heroku master # 4\. deploy code to heroku
      heroku ps:scale web=1  # 5\. run the app with a 1 heroku "dyno"
      $ heroku config:set SECRET_KEY=my_secret_key # 6\. replace my_secret_key with a random string
  • You're all set! It should be up and running at https://[UNIQUE-APP-NAME] . Once you make any modifications, follow steps 2-4 above.

  • To check if your service is up and running do:

          $ heroku ps
  • To check for errors:

          $ heroku logs

References: Dash Tutorial


interactive,reactive web app built with Dash




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