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  1. Name (Project heading) : GET..SET..GO...
  2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) : 1256
  3. College / Institute Name : Sree Dattha Institute Of Engg. and Science
  4. City, State, Pin Code : Ibrahimpatnam, AndhraPradesh , 501 510,
  5. Name/’s of the Student : B.Saikiran Goud, Mohd.Waseem Ahmed, P.R.Saikiran, Mohd.Ibrahim,
    Nisha Patel, Prakash Naik, Rickin Adatia

6. About (Short Description / Summary): All the necessary information at your fingertips with Get..Set..Go… app without connected to the Internet. A powerful application featuring a database of different places in Hyderabad with different categories like shopping malls,restaurants,IT companies,hotels,historical places and many more. It also allows the user to store details about his/her own Places of Interest along with added security features to individual user by registering their account. No complicated forms to fill out, no restrictions on the format which makes this app more simple.

This app is going to be very useful for every individual and the one who roams a lot and likes experimenting new places. For a person ,who visits an area in Hyderabad for the first time,this app makes him to route to the correct destination without wasting much time to search,

as this app provides full fledged address including an image just with a click for their best choice. Handy features and user- friendly interface makes this app useful for different users.

7. Install (Installation procedure): HOW TO INSTALL Get..Set..Go... APK FILE(From Pendrive) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Setting Up:

Connect the "micro USB to USB" cable into the tablet. Insert the pen drive into the USB cable. A

message stating,"USB is mounted" will be displayed in the notification bar of the tablet.

  1. Viewing pen drive content:
    Touch "Menu" button on the home screen. This will display the list of applications installed in the


Browse through the list and touch "File Manager".

This will list all files/folders which are categorized by the storage locations and type, like external memory card, USB, etc..

Touch USB icon. This will display the conent of the pen drive i.e. "our GetSetGo.apk" file.

  1. Installing the APK:
    Touch "GetSetGo.apk". This will diaplay some information about the application.

Touch "install".

Installing will take a few seconds. After application is installed, a message stating "Application Installed" will be displayed. Touch "Done" to go back to the USB storage, else touch "Open" to open "GetSetGo" appliction.

  1. Usage:- This application is going to be very useful for all kinds of people .
    Especially to the persons who roam a lot (students) or the persons who are new to the city will get much benefitted by this app.
  1. Contact :-
  2. License :-
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