simulation of log structured file system
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simulation of log structured file system

Build instructions

  • Run make to compile and generate logfs binary
  • ./logfs to run the program


  • First two commands should set disk capacity and allowed block size once in following order.

Set disk capacity: size is integer and units are MB or GB or TB.

Eg: diskCapacity(5GB) Output: Disk Size set to: 5GB

diskCapacity(<size> <MB|GB|TB>)

Set block size: size is an integer and units are KB or MB. Eg: blockSize(4KB) Output: Block Size set to: 4KB Number of Blocks: 1310720

Block size cannot exceed disk capacity

blockSize(<size> <KB|MB>)
  • Rest of the commands can be used any number of times and can follow any order

Create directory: To create dir with one or more paths. Eg: mkdir(hello,world) Output: Created directory: /hello/ Created directory: /world/

Paths can be absolute or relative

mkdir(<path> {, <path>})

Change directory: To set current dir to a given path. Eg: chdir(hello) Output: Current dir: /hello/


Write a file: To allocate memory to a file. file is string file name, size is integer followed by units Eg: write(magic,10MB) Output: /hello/magic, 3, 0x0, 10240KB Displays: file name, file id, memory address, file size

Defragmentation is performed if continuous memory is not available.

write(<file>, <size> <B|KB|MB|GB>)

Read file info: Shows file name, file id, memory address, file size Eg: read(magic) Output: /hello/magic, 3, 0x0, 10240KB



  • Current directory starts with the root /
  • Syntax is strictly checked.
  • Paths can be relative or absolute.