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This is a phonegap-android-plugin for displaying status bar notifications in an android device.
The code may be a little specific according to my needs, but can still be used in most general cases. (And you can always modify it :) )


Add a flag to the activity in AndroidManifest.xml inside the activity tag.
//<activity ... android:launchMode="singleTop">

Add the following method to your java file. This lets the javascript code to continue running when the app goes into the background.
Note: The latest version of phonegap allows this by default, so skip this step if using the latest phonegap.
//public void onPause()
//    super.onPause();
//    super.appView.loadUrl("javascript:try{;}catch(e){};");
//    super.appView.resumeTimers();

Make the following change to the
    In the method "createStatusBarNotification", look for a line
	// Intent notificationIntent = new Intent(this.ctx, myActivityClass.class);
    Change the "myActivityClass.class" to <your_class_name>.class

Use either of the methods:
Method 1 (no modifications to phonegap code) :

    Add the file to "src/your_package_name/" folder

    Add following to the java file that is being created for you, in the onCreate method. Make sure to call this AFTER the super.onCreate(...) call.
//    super.addService("systemNotification","com.your_package_name.SystemNotification");

    Append the contents of the SystemNotification.js file to the phonegap.js OR Add this file in your index.html after adding the phonegap.js

Method 2 (modify the phonegap libraries) : Files need to be added to the phonegap framework and libraries are re-built and then added to your project folders.

    Add to the directory where all other phonegap java files are located (framework/src/phonegap/)
    Add SystemNotification.js to the directory where all other js files are located (framework/assets/www/js/)

    Add the service in the, where other services are being added
//    super.addService("systemNotification","com.phonegap.SystemNotification");

    Build phonegap.jar and phonegap.js and replace the old files in your project with these new ones.

    All the methods of SystemNotification.js can be called from you javascript code as:

    I used dojo.connect() to connect to the "onBackground" and "onForeground" events, to fire my required functions.