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# For COPR builds directly from git.
srpm: /usr/bin/git
set -x; if grep -q "global gitsnapshot 1" openconnect.spec; then \
tarprefix=$$(sed -n '/^%global snapcommit /s/.* //p' openconnect.spec); \
tarname=$${tarprefix:0:7}; \
else \
tarprefix=$$(sed -n '/^%global tagver /s/.* //p' openconnect.spec); \
tarname=$${tarprefix}; \
fi; \
git archive --prefix=openconnect-$${tarprefix}/ HEAD -o .copr/openconnect-$${tarname}.tar.gz
rpmbuild -bs openconnect.spec --define "_sourcedir .copr" --define "_srcrpmdir $(outdir)"
dnf install git
build: srpm
rpmbuild -bb openconnect.spec --define "_sourcedir `pwd`/.copr"