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Clean up build options printout
Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <>
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David Woodhouse authored and David Woodhouse committed Jun 13, 2012
1 parent 7c70b63 commit 45d87529e3df7f1387a665fabc493ada7da39104
Showing with 28 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +28 −19 main.c
47 main.c
@@ -180,28 +180,37 @@ static void helpmessage(void)

static void print_build_opts(void)
const char *comma = ", ", *sep = comma + 1;

printf(_("Using OpenSSL. Features present:"));
#elif defined (OPENCONNECT_GNUTLS)
printf(_("Using GnuTLS. Features present:"));

if (openconnect_has_tss_blob_support()) {
printf("%sTPM", sep);
sep = comma;
#if defined (OPENCONNECT_OPENSSL) && defined (HAVE_ENGINE)
if (openconnect_has_tss_blob_support())
printf(_("Using OpenSSL with TPM ENGINE support. Loading TPM engine succeeded.\n"));
printf(_("Using OpenSSL with TPM ENGINE support, but loading TPM engine failed.\n"));
printf(_("Using OpenSSL without TPM ENGINE support\n"));
#elif defined (OPENCONNECT_GNUTLS) && defined (HAVE_P11KIT)
printf(_("Using GnuTLS with PKCS#11 token support\n"));
#elif defined (OPENCONNECT_GNUTLS)
printf(_("Using GnuTLS without PKCS#11 token support\n"));
#error wtf
else {
printf("%sTPM (%s)", sep, _("OpenSSL ENGINE not present"));
sep = comma;
#ifndef HAVE_DTLS
printf(_("No DTLS support in this binary\n"));
#elif defined (DTLS_OPENSSL)
printf(_("Using OpenSSL for DTLS support\n"));
#elif defined (DTLS_GNUTLS)
printf(_("Using GnuTLS for DTLS support\n"));
if (openconnect_has_pkcs11_support()) {
printf("%sPKCS#11", sep);
sep = comma;

#ifdef HAVE_DTLS
printf("%sDTLS", sep);
#if defined (OPENCONNECT_GNUTLS) && defined (DTLS_OPENSSL)
printf(" (%s)", _("using OpenSSL"));
#error wtf
printf(_("\nWARNING: No DTLS support in this binary. Performance will be impaired.\n"));

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