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# Reference: ../droid-configs-device/
%include rpm/
%define vendor_pretty OnePlus
%define device_pretty OnePlus 5 (A5000)
%define community_adaptation 1
%define use_meta_package 1
%define pixel_ratio 1.75
# Device-specific usb-moded configuration
Provides: usb-moded-configs
Obsoletes: usb-moded-defaults
# Device-specific ofono configuration
Provides: ofono-configs
Obsoletes: ofono-configs-mer
%define ofono_enable_plugins bluez5,hfp_ag_bluez5
%define ofono_disable_plugins bluez4,dun_gw_bluez4,hfp_ag_bluez4,hfp_bluez4,dun_gw_bluez5,hfp_bluez5
%include droid-configs-device/
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