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Sailfish OS 3.4.0 (Pallas-Yllästunturi) Latest
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@JamiKettunen JamiKettunen released this

It's upgrade time once again!

The SFOS OnePlus 5/5T port has been updated to 3.4.0 Pallas-Yllästunturi!

Existing users: you can perform an OTA from a previous Sailfish OS release in the command line to this latest one by using sfos-upgrade and following the instructions printed on screen:

devel-su                 # get root access with set SSH password
sfos-upgrade    # upgrade to new release; please follow given instructions!

New users: simply follow the full flashing instructions to install and remember to backup your existing data!

A few notes:

  1. All saved fingerprints will be lost after this particular upgrade due to me separating Android's /data from the one used on SFOS by HAL parts, please re-add them back. If you're desperate you can migrate them over from a terminal:
systemctl stop sailfish-fpd-community
cp -a /data/android/system/users/100000/ /data/system/users/
systemctl start sailfish-fpd-community
  1. In case your previous boot-switcher zip doesn't work anymore, simply update it to the latest release and try again.
  2. The LineageOS 16.0 base ROM download links are slowly withering away from the official servers as 17.1 builds are now the norm on the 5/5T, so I've already preserved the last 16.0 zips for both devices on my MEGA drive in case they're unavailable elsewhere in the future.

Progress made on the port can be followed over in the adaptation wiki @

Be sure to check the debugging guide when you encounter issues that aren't on the To-Do list.
As always, I hope you enjoy this awesome OS! 😃

Release info: Sailfish OS w/ LineageOS 16.0 (libhybris for Android 9 Pie)
Downloads: OP5 / cheeseburger | OP5T / dumpling | boot-switcher