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Oct 20, 2020
Merge branch 'jb51257' into 'upgrade-3.4.0'
[contacts] Backport notification changes to 3.4.0. Contributes to JB#51257

See merge request mer-core-attic/libcontacts!21
Sep 11, 2020
Merge branch 'jb50910' into 'master'
[contacts] Allow contact listenters to specify required properties. Contributes to JB#50910

See merge request mer-core/libcontacts!20
Sep 9, 2020
[contacts] Allow contact listenters to specify required properties. C…
…ontributes to JB#50910
Jun 25, 2020
[libcontacts] Avoid crash from null ContactManagerEngine. Fixes JB#49469
Jun 25, 2020
Merge branch 'jb49469' into 'master'
[libcontacts] Avoid crash from null ContactManagerEngine

See merge request mer-core/libcontacts!19
Jun 8, 2020
Merge branch 'jb50027' into 'master'
Use macros, not hardcoded paths.

See merge request mer-core/libcontacts!18
Feb 7, 2020
Merge branch 'phonenumbermatch-jb38835' into 'master'
More robust phone number matching using libphonenumber

See merge request mer-core/libcontacts!15
Nov 25, 2019
Bump version
Jul 8, 2019
Bump version
Jun 3, 2019
Merge branch 'jb45633' into 'master'
[libcontacts] Emit saveContactComplete() when appropriate. Contributes to JB#45633

See merge request mer-core/libcontacts!13