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lipstick is a project aimed at offering easy to modify user experiences
for varying mobile device form factors, e.g. handsets, netbooks, tablets.

User experiences are written in QML.


lipstick builds heavily on the work of the meegotouchhome and meego-ux-daemon
authors. Thanks.

Thanks also to Nokia and Intel for opening this work, and thanks to Jolla for
continuing to work on it, in the open.


lipstick contains work from many, many folks. here's a particular special few.

Robin Burchell - initial prototyping, naming, occasional hackery
Timur Kristof - the UX/library split, initial work on a pretty UX
Tom Swindell - initial work on a pretty UX
Vesa Halttunen - various functionality additions, guidance, working it towards a product
Aaron Kennedy - work on Wayland port
Mikko Harju - work on Wayland issues/port

... and many others. If you feel like you belong here, you probably do. Submit a
pull request.

building / dependencies

check the specfile in the 'rpm' directory. or just use mb2 to build.

how to run lipstick

1. Build lipstick.
2. Install lipstick.
3. Get yourself a desktop
   If you haven't got anything better to use, grab the example

   Build according to instructions, and run it.

   Desktops use both the plugin and shared library generally, so 
   both of them should be intact before you can run the example
   NOTE: if you use a properly packaged version of the library,
   you won't need to go through this trouble


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