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Feb 1, 2021
Merge branch 'jb52927' into 'master'
[openconnect] Don't require /system/bin/sh. Fixes JB#52927

See merge request mer-core/openconnect!6
Jan 26, 2021
Merge branch 'jb52168' into 'master'
Aug 7, 2020
Merge branch 'jb39735' into 'master'
[openconnect] Make scripts compatible with ash. Contributes to JB#39735

See merge request mer-core/openconnect!4
May 7, 2019
[openconnect] Fix typo in spec. Contributes to JB#44444
May 7, 2019
Merge branch 'jb44444' into 'master'
[openconnect] Update to v8.02. Fixes JB#44444

See merge request mer-core/openconnect!3
Jan 23, 2019
Merge branch 'jb38578' into 'master'
Rename openconnect-docs to openconnect-doc. JB#38578

See merge request mer-core/openconnect!2
Jan 22, 2019


Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
[Packaging] Update to 7.08. Fixes MER#1995

See merge request mer-core/openconnect!1