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sdk-manage: Compare snapshot to recent uninstalled #114

merged 1 commit into from May 3, 2019
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@@ -333,8 +333,9 @@ GLOBAL OPTIONS

Build target snapshot is not reset automatically when the original target is
changed just by removing packages. Package installation or update is needed to
trigger the automatic reset.
ix5 marked this conversation as resolved.
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changed just by removing packages via plain RPM usage. Either use zypper for
all package operations or use 'mb2 build-requires reset' to ensure snapshot is

@@ -1578,23 +1578,39 @@ target_snapshot_needs_reset() {

local snapshot_time=
snapshot_time=$(object_config_get "target:$snapshot" "$SNAPSHOT_TIME_KEY") || return
# Convert date to unix seconds
snapshot_time=$(date --date "$snapshot_time" +%s) || return

# Try to avoid querying RPM database as it takes considerable amount of time
tmpfile=$(mktemp) || return
touch --date "$snapshot_time" "$tmpfile" || return
# --date "@value" passes value as unix seconds
touch --date "@$snapshot_time" "$tmpfile" || return
local newer=
newer=$(find "$MER_TARGETS/$original/var/lib/rpm" -newer "$tmpfile" -print -quit) || return
if [[ ! $newer ]]; then
return 1

# TODO how to determine recent package removal?
local most_recent_install_time=
most_recent_install_time=$(set -o pipefail; rpm --root="$MER_TARGETS/$original" -qa \
--queryformat '%{installtime}\n' |sort -n |tail -n1) || return
local snapshot_time_s=$(date --date "$snapshot_time" +%s) || return

(( most_recent_install_time > snapshot_time_s ))
# Compare values in unix seconds
(( most_recent_install_time > snapshot_time )) && return

# The rpm database does not know about the most recent package removal, so
# parse the zypper install log. zypp/history looks like this:
# 2019-02-27 16:39:18|remove |droid-hal-mydevice-tools|0.0.6-201902271629|armv7hl|user@pc|
# But could also look like this:
# 2019-02-27 16:39:18|install|remove-my-pkg|0.0.6-201902271629|armv7hl|user@pc|
local most_recent_removal_time=$(set -o pipefail; \
tac "$MER_TARGETS/$original/var/log/zypp/history" \
|cut -d "|" -f "1,2" \
|grep -m 1 "|remove" \
|cut -d "|" -f 1 \
) || return
most_recent_removal_time=$(date --date "$most_recent_removal_time" +%s) || return
# Compare values in unix seconds
(( most_recent_removal_time > snapshot_time )) && return

reserve_target() {