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v0.5 alpha - Pluto

Bug Fixes

  • autogen Fixes autogen page not opening (5347acb3)
  • db Changes query for postgres compatibility on table_exists (85cc1f59)
  • tests Adds posts fixtures to dev-app tests (e53b0646)
  • travis integration Using a different rockspec for travis ci (cbd48b2b)
  • latclient
    • Updates starlight version (ff0d6642)
    • Changes string delimiters to multiline strings (5fe91827)
    • Load latclient settings from sailor.lua (ec058470)
    • Make set_application_path() simple again (d1bc6fb7)
    • Add compatibility with 4 different Lua to JS VMs for lua at client (9d772384)
    • Makes latclient not load the same module again (4d7cc852)
  • remy * Make Lighttpd support work again (e9190523) * Fixes openresty environment issue (42545098)
  • core
    • Allow hiding stack trace (b75c9181)
    • Path fixes on set_application_path and make_url. (7d4528d5)
    • Fixing set application path (9d9a1ab6)
    • Fixing route paths and status code for Xavante and Apache (e2369138)
  • blank-app Adds test bootstraps to blank app (eef903f9)
  • page
    • Fixes typo on page.redirect (2fe112eb)
    • Adjusts path on page.include (27376166)
    • Page inspect printing number of gsubs, Fixes #36 (0c848a7c)
  • model Adds missing db.close on model:fild_all (e07960fb)


  • page
    • Adds page:to_browser method (bd5d95db)
    • Adds page:tostring() function (77c8f848)
  • transactions Supporting transactions for major databases (27ccf960)
  • autogen Adds autogen compatibility with sqlite3 and postgresql (e0417418)
  • latclient
    • Support Lua script tag when using starlight VM (69402cfb)
    • Improve latclient support in persistent environments (92d5d579)
  • binary Adds sailor enable command on binary to install extensions (9efa2a34)
  • controllers Allows controller to set a custom view path (dbddf85f)
  • remy
    • Adds suport to redirect when using openresty, Closes #47 (ebb30c1e)
    • Improves openresty compatibility (3d4aebd0)
  • tests
    • Adds openresty simulation on automated tests (a5f4cd06)
  • db Adds support to openresty internal MySQL API. (7e0bd062)

Breaking changes

  • sailor is no longer on global namespace, if you are accessing sailor attributes now you need to require


  • sailor.make_url has been copied to page:make_url and will be removed on next versions
  • sailor.model has been copied to a call metamethod on the model module and will be removed on next version