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Open source tools, SDKs, and more provided by SailPoint.

SailPoint ❤️ Open Source


The Developer Community CoLab is a place where developer community members can share integrations they’ve built that use, or integrate with, SailPoint platforms. You can then collaborate with each other in real-time on these integrations, working together to solve both common and complex problems in identity. Our goal is to make it even easier for you to come together to solve your identity problems!

Find information on the community developed repositories on the Developer CoLab webpage or browse the repositories below.

Checkout the Developer Community or join the discussion with other developers in the Developer Community forum to talk about extending our platform, using our tools, and more!

For more information on the Developer Community CoLab or if you want participate, see information shared in the Developer Community forum.

Popular repositories

  1. sailpoint-cli sailpoint-cli Public

    The SailPoint Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to interact with SailPoint's SaaS Platform in a programmatic way. Many functions that use to be accomplished through tools like Postman or f…

    Go 19 12

  2. Public

    The codebase that makes up, including developer documentation. This codebase is open source and welcomes contributions.

    HTML 19 49

  3. powershell-sdk powershell-sdk Public

    PowerShell Module for accessing SailPoint IdentityNow APIs

    PowerShell 16 11

  4. fastfed-sdk fastfed-sdk Public

    Fast Federation standard SDKs as open source

    SCSS 11 4

  5. openid-sse-model openid-sse-model Public

    OpenID Shared Signals and Events (SSE) / Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) / Risk Incident Sharing and Coordination (RISC) JSON models in Java.

    Java 8 3

  6. sp-connector-sdk-js sp-connector-sdk-js Public

    TypeScript 8 3


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