How do I add a new tutorial to Sails 101?
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How do I add a new Sails 101 tutorial app?

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create a new sails101 tutorial. Try to keep things as conventional and simple as possible- the goal is make these tutorials concise and focused on one particular issue/question at a time (e.g. "How do I use the Jade view engine with Sails?")
  3. Please keep the code as simple as possible. At minimum, be sure and provide a link to the relevant code file(s) in the README, but ideally you'd include some background information and a step-by-step guide. Eventually, these README files will be displayed on
  4. When finished, send a pull request to this repository. One of the moderators will check it out, make sure it works, provide feedback, and potentially suggest some tweaks.
  5. When everything is rock-solid, we'll add your tutorial as a new repository in this Github organization, and give you admin access so you can make edits, add other committers, close issues, merge pull requests, etc.

Thanks for contributing! ~Mike


The Sails101 community project is still in an experimental stage. Once we've tested it out a bit, the next step is to automatically parse the repositories in this Github organization, compile them to HTML, and sync them to the new "Guides" section of

  • Please tweet @sailsjs with any ideas/comments/questions about this workflow.


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