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Sailthru Magento Extension

A basic Magento extension that will provide Sailthru's base functionality or provide a base to build further functionality by utilizing Sailthru's PHP client library to easily integrate with the `Sailthru REST API`. For more information on using our Rest API -
For questions or troubleshooting please email with the subject line "Magento Plugin".

This extension does the following:

        1. Adds Horizon javascript to product pages, that collects content, pageviews, and user interest data.
        2. Overrides all emails sent through Magento to be sent through Sailthru, allowing personalization and creates a record of the email and clickthroughs.
        3. Records all orders submitted, allowing email atribution, reporting, and furthering your customization data in Sailthru.
        4. Creates abandoned cart emails, improving your rate of sale.
        5. Ports existing existing users into the Sailthru system on their login.
        6. Ports registering users to a Sailthru list you set, allowing easy eblasts.
        6. Adds subscribers to a separate list for simple newsletters.
        7. Adds Horizon and Sailthru Purchase API integration for learning user's interests.
	8. Adds Concierge for providing onsite, personalized product recommendations

===Manual Installation===

Step 1: Download Magento extension

cd /tmp
mkdir sailthru-magento
cd sailthru-magento
wget -O sailthru-magento.tar.gz
tar -zxvf sailthru-magento.tar.gz --strip-components=1 --show-transformed-names

Step 2: Move into target directories

rsync -a app/ $MAGENTO_BASE/app/ --ignore-existing --whole-file
cd ..

Step 3: You will need to login to your admin account, clear Magento's cache, log out, and log back in again.

Step 4: Add your Sailthru API key and secret and other Sailthru settings on Magento's configurations page.

Step 5: In your interface create an "Abandoned Cart" template and "Purchase Receipt" template. Add {parse(content)}{beacon} to the code tab.
Personalize the subject line and other fields to your preference. Make sure you set a verified email address!

Step 6: Enjoy the power of Sailthru.

===Tested on Magento Community Edition 1.8 / 1.9===