Python client for Sailthru
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For installation instructions, documentation, and examples please visit:

A simple client library to remotely access the Sailthru REST API as per

Python binding for Sailthru API based on Requests

It will make requests in JSON format.

Supports Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3+

Installation (Tested with Python 2.7.x)

Installing with pip:

pip install sailthru-client

Running tests

Install tox and then type:


API Rate Limiting

Here is an example how to check rate limiting and throttle API calls based on that. For more information about Rate Limiting, see Sailthru Documentation

sailthru_client = SailthruClient(api_key, api_secret)

# ... make some api calls ...

rate_limit_info = sailthru_client.get_last_rate_limit_info('user', 'POST')

# get_last_rate_limit_info returns None if given endpoint/method wasn't triggered previously
if rate_limit_info is not None:
    limit = rate_limit_info['limit'];
    remaining = rate_limit_info['remaining'];
    reset_timestamp = rate_limit_info['reset'];

    # throttle api calls based on last rate limit info
    if remaining <= 0:
         seconds_till_reset = reset_timestamp - time.time()
         # sleep or perform other business logic before next user api call