sailthru ruby client
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For installation instructions, documentation, and examples please visit:

A simple client library to remotely access the Sailthru REST API as per

By default, it will make requests in JSON format.


$ gem install sailthru-client


This gem supports Ruby 1.9.3 and up.

Optional parameters for connection/read timeout settings

Increase timeout from 10 (default) to 30 seconds.

sailthru ="api-key", "api-secret", "", nil, nil, 
                      {:http_read_timeout => 30, :http_ssl_timeout => 30, :http_open_timeout => 30})

Rate Limit Information

The library allows inspection of the 'X-Rate-Limit-*' headers returned by the Sailthru API. The get_last_rate_limit_info(endpoint, method) function allows you to retrieve the last known rate limit information for the given endpoint / method combination. It must follow an API call. For example, if you do a /send POST, you can follow up with a call to get_last_rate_limit_info(:send, :post) as shown below:

# make API call as normal
response = sailthru.send_email template_name, email, {foo: "bar"}

# check rate limit information
rate_limit_info = sailthru.get_last_rate_limit_info :send, :post

The return type will be nil if there is no rate limit information for the given endpoint / method combination (e.g. if you have not yet made a request to that endpoint). Otherwise, it will be a hash in the following format:

    limit: 1234, # <Number representing the limit of requests/minute for this action / method combination>
    remaining: 1230, # <Number representing how many requests remain in the current minute>
    reset: 1459381680 # <Number representing the UNIX epoch timestamp of when the next minute starts, and when the rate limit resets>


Please see MIT-LICENSE for license.