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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
.. contents::
How do I protect the gallery with a password?
@@ -74,3 +76,17 @@ Sigal may (eventually?) leak information about filenames, thumbnails
or even contents without your knowledge in the future. But it's a good
simple way to add basic snooping protection over certain areas with
minimal configuration.
How to regenerate the gallery when something changes ?
It can be convenient to build continuously the gallery when adding or removing
pictures in the albums, however Sigal does not provide currently a buitin
"autoreload" feature. This can be achieved with external tool like `peat
<>`_, `entr <>`_, and probably
many others. For instance, with peat::
peat --dynamic 'find pictures/' 'sigal build'
will watch changes inside the ``pictures/`` directory and rebuild the gallery in
this case.

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