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Releases: saimn/sigal


28 Feb 16:26
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Released on 2023-09-29.

Sigal now requires Pillow>=8.0.0

  • Avoid IndexError with empty source dir [:issue:498].
  • New cli option --force-album to reprocess only specific albums
  • Added support for black detection in video thumbnail generation
  • Don't show the galleria container if there are no medias [:issue:484].
  • Force encrypt's password form to be on top [:issue:483].
  • Add mkv to video_extensions [:issue:481].
  • Make sure zip_gallery is set correctly [:issue:477].
  • Updates for recent Pillow changes, requires Pillow>=8.0.0 [:issue:479].
  • Make theme dir writable after copying to it [:issue:471].
  • New plugin: Titleregexp - modify titles of albums with regular expressions
  • List of sort-properties as fallback instead of zero-length string


11 Dec 17:00
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Sigal now requires Python 3.8+.

  • Add option max_img_pixels to allow processing huge images (sets
    PIL.Image.MAX_IMAGE_PIXELS) [:issue:431].
  • Add webp to the list of images formats supported by default [:issue:433].
  • Allow video_size = None in settings [:issue:435].
  • New plugin to handle non-image or video files [:issue:434].
  • With the galleria theme, albums can contain both images and sub-albums
  • Add original size information for 'Download ZIP' link in album [:issue:446].
  • Allow specifying the file date in the Markdown metadata file [:issue:447].
  • Add gallery title to albums' <title> [:issue:441].
  • Add map for all themes. This replaces the map feature that was specific to
    the galleria theme [:issue:450].
  • Fix loading [:issue:452].
  • Fix compatibility with Click 8.1.
  • colorbox theme: avoiding holes due to non image/video files present in the
    source directory [:issue:455].
  • Extend caching plugin to handle markdown and iptc metadata [:issue:443].


18 Apr 22:50
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  • Convert pillow warnings to logging with filename [:issue:394].
  • Catch warnings when reading EXIF data.
  • Avoid crash when thumbnail cannot be generated [:issue:401].
  • Replace deprecated usage of imp.
  • Fix video thumbnail creation when delay > video length [:issue:411].
  • Update photoswipe to 4.4.0 [:issue:415].
  • Update galleria to v1.6.1 and add new themes [:issue:417].
  • Add user_css option to allow easier css customization [:issue:418].
  • Allow to specify the sort order per album.
  • Add a .nbmedias attribute to get the number of files in an album.
  • More options for vieo resizing [:issue:420].
  • Fixes for img_format [:issue:421].
  • Fix encoding issue with ffmpeg output [:issue:423].


22 May 01:58
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  • Add setting to use relative symbolic links [:issue:359].
  • Add a setting to force image output format [:issue:360].
  • Feeds: fix links to gallery and image [:issue:361].
  • Improve performance when reading metadata [:issue:362].
  • Add new plugin to allow one to disable ZIP generation on a per album basis
    with a .nozip_gallery file [:issue:368].
  • Make sure that read-only files can be copied [:issue:375].
  • Add a quiet flag [:issue:376].
  • Update photoswipe to v4.1.3
  • Improve error message when template is not found [:issue:384].
  • New plugin to protect gallery by encrypting image files using a password
  • Force conversion of some EXIF tags to str [:issue:386].
  • Use natural sorting thanks to the natsort package [:issue:387].


22 May 01:58
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Sigal now requires Python 3.5+.

  • Add some transparency for galleria's info box [:issue:308].
  • Galleria theme now reads image data from json [:issue:312].
  • Galleria: Load first image earlier [:issue:307].
  • Galleria: Do not load tiles by default.
  • Fixed crash when IPTC reading fails [:issue:316].
  • Force loading of truncated files [:issue:320].
  • Include tests in PyPI tarball [:issue:323].
  • Optimize a bit markdown initialization [:issue:329].
  • Quote special characters in urls [:issue:345].
  • Reorganization of templates, splitting landing page and album templates
    [:issue:343], [:issue:347], [:issue:348].
  • Add IPTC Headline (2:105) and to iptc_data [:issue:356].
  • Avoid IPTC errors [:issue:355], [:issue:358].


22 May 01:59
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  • compatibility with Click 7.0


19 Feb 23:47
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This is the last version supporting Python 2.

  • Update libraries used in themes (Galleria, Colorbox, PhotoSwipe) and their dependencies.
  • Remove use of CDNs (JQuery, Google fonts).
  • Hint to how to suppress decompressionbomb warnings [#235].
  • New plugin for finer control over ignored files [#233].
  • New plugin to cache the exif data of images [#236].
  • Feeds plugin: include videos in feeds [#238].
  • Allow formatting in zip_gallery [#244].
  • Added random thumbnail property for album [#241].
  • Improve CSP compatibility with colorbox theme [#245].
  • Set html lang attribute based upon locale [#257].
  • Resize portrait images to same size as landscape [#258].
  • New setting thumb_fit_centering for tweaking how thumbnails should be cropped [#263].
  • New settings to configure what file extensions should be recognised as images and videos [#270].
  • New setting datetime_format to customize the EXIF datetime format [#271].
  • Add a progress bar for writing index files [#234].
  • Add setting to customize the EXIF datetime format [#271].
  • Allow to configure the ffmpeg binary [#273].
  • Filter .nomedia files with the source filename [#295].
  • Populate title & description from IPTC image data [#297].
  • Defer loading of leaflet js til late in the page [#298].
  • Add compress_assets plugin [#300].
  • Sidebar site logo image in Colorbox [#292].


03 Jan 23:13
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  • Support videos with rotation [#210].
  • Generate missing thumbnails from the resized image if possible [#211].
  • Fix background-image url in the PhotoSwipe theme [#213].
  • Implement a first version of video support for the PhotoSwipe theme [#216].
  • Update Google Analytics UA Code [#221].
  • Use leaflet-providers.js to allow chosing the tile provider for the map in
    the Galleria theme [#218].
  • Fix theme.url path in the media page plugin for the Colorbox theme. [#224]
  • Add 3gp to the list of supported video formats. [#226]


05 Jun 21:15
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  • Fix videos not opening correctly with colorbox [#201].
  • Allow to create large zip files [#205].
  • Allow sorting on metadata keys (for albums_sort_attr and medias_sort_attr) [#202].
  • Add a set_meta command to write metadata keys to .md files [#203].


24 Apr 21:31
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  • Add GIF support [#185].
  • Add a feeds plugin [#98].
  • Implement album sorting [#192].
  • Enable autoescape in Jinja templates [#195].
  • Raise exceptions in debug mode (--debug).
  • Fix unicode bug with special characters in path names.
  • Better representation for exposure time fraction [#187].
  • Catch cPickle.PicklingError on python 2 [#191].
  • Fix ZeroDivisionError when ExposureTime contains null values [#193].
  • Fix hard-coded video mime-type in the galleria theme [#196].
  • Update theme libraries: colorbox 1.6.3, jQuery 2.2.1, touchSwipe 1.6.15,
    photoswipe 4.1.1
  • Galleria: always show fullscreen icon, replace fullscreen and map icons.
  • Use https for external resources, remove html5shiv.