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SainSmart IOT Series

###NO.1 DIY WiFi Lights with Blynk ###

  • Hardware

NodeMcu or other esp8266 module   X1

SainSmart 2-channel relay      X1

DC 5V Charger            X1

220V Lamp              X1

USB cable              X1

  • Software

    Arduino IDE

    Blynk for ios&Android

  • Step 1

Install Arduino IDE 1.6.6 or other version Download Here

Install esp8266 lib for your Arduino IDE click filePreferences and add the following website in Additional Boards Manager URLs


click ToolsBoardBoard manager


Search esp8266 in the Board mannager then click install


After installation you will find esp8266 or Nodemcu 0.9 etc in Tools


  • Step 2

Install Blynk lib for your Arduino IDE

Download Blynk lib from GitHub Download Here

Release the file and add to your Arduino IDE libraries

Click fileExamplesBlynk


Download Blynk APP for your mobilephone

  • Step 3

Hardware Connection

Nodemcu    SainSmart 2-CH Relay

VIN      VCC

GND      GND

D00      INT1

6.jpg buy SainSmart relay here

buy SainSmart esp8266 module here

  • Step 4

Please be sure to select the right ESP8266 module

in the Tools -> Board

Change WiFi ssid, pass, and Blynk auth token to run !

Upload your code by Arduino IDE


Creat a new project in your own Blynk and you will get auth token


copy it and paste to Arduino ide code.

Make sure the DEVICE is Nodemcu or Esp8266!


you can design your own IOT app,for example :we choose a Button to control our lamp


Set the BUTTON connecting D0 PIN of Nodemcu

Click to get your device online!

Then you can control your lamp anywhere !

Enjoy it!

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