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Welcome to landle v1.6, a Small but Useful(tm) utility to clone your github repos: those you watch, own or star. It's a straight-up ripoff of ghsync. ghsync is a great idea, but I couldn't get it to work for here's landle.

It'll organize your repos like so:

+ repos
  ├── forks    (public fork repos)
  ├── mirrors  (public mirror repos)
  ├── private  (private repos)
  ├── public   (public repos)
  └── watching (public watched repos)

(Again, straight from ghsync. All hail the original author!)


Create an INI-style config file like this:

# Github username
user = saintaardvark
# Where landle should store its repos
repodir = /home/aardvark/landle
# Optional: post-clone hook
post-clone-hook = /home/aardvark/src/landle/

Landle will look for its config file in this order:

  • .landlerc in the directory it's run from (which allows for per-repo configs)
  • ~/.landlerc (per-user config)
  • or as specified with the "-f" option (global!)

Then just run "landle". It'll download the info it needs from Github, create the directories under repodir, and clone or pull as necessary. If the optional post-clone-hook setting is present, it's assumed to be the path to a script or some such; landle will run it after cloning a new repo, and within that repo directory.

(Note that landle is meant to maintain more-or-less read-only mirrors. It'd be interesting to think about a pre-update hook or some such that'd push any commits -- a sort of automated let's-push-all-the-commits-I-made-on-the-airplane mode -- but that gets more complicated than I want to think about.)

Additional options:

-d	Work on already-downloaded test data only (see below)
-v	Be verbose.
-f [file] Specify path to config file.
-n	Testing only: show what clone/pull/mkdir operations would happen.
-m	Show the man page.
-h	Help

Test data

If you want test data for the "-d" option , fetch it like so:

wget[username]/starred -O user.starred.json
wget[username]/repos -O user.repos.json

Then you can work offline.


Perl, plus the following non-base modules:

  • Config::Simple
  • JSON::XS
  • File::Homedir
  • Git::Wrapper

On Debian/Ubuntu, you can install them like so:

 apt-get install libconfig-simple-perl libjson-xs-perl libfile-homedir-perl libgit-wrapper-perl

Bugs, shortcomings and TODO


  • Some repos appear to get "stuck": landle reports unmerged files, even though I haven't edited anything, changed the repo, etc. I'm not sure yet what's going on, but git reset --hard HEAD; git pull seems to get around the problem.


  • Direct fetch/parsing of Github v3 API URLs rather than using something like Pithub
  • A little too verbose...


  • Per-repo settings/hooks? (would require rename of global landle section)
  • Better control over verbosity. In particular, an option for a short summary would be nice.
  • Offer to create missing config
  • Make "repodir" optional, assume cwd?
  • For forks, add "upstream" remote. Not sure how to do that...
  • What to do if a repo goes away? Add a "purge = true/false" option, or even a "--purge" option for landle itself. Might also want to consider two cases:
    • a repo no longer starred/watched (no longer interested; default == delete)
    • a starred/watched repo that has disappeared (still interested, but the repo has been deleted; default == keep)
  • That might imply overwriting config file options, which calls for better arg handling; there must be a Perl module which does this better.
  • Use this approach for generating documentation.


GPL v3.

Home Page

Either on Github or my own repo.