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TWiki/Foswiki and Orgmode. Like chocolate and peanut butter.


This is a half-assed attempt at writing a TWiki/Foswiki Emacs mode based on Org-mode. I've taken twiki-outline.el, written by Noah S. Friedman, as my base.

As of now, cycling visibility with the tab key works. Hey, it's a start. :-) Here's what else works:

  • Promoting and demoting items

  • When hitting alt-enter on a list item (3 spaces then asterisk), you'll get another list item

  • Indenting a list item with twiki-org-demote-item will move it in by a multiple of 3

  • [[][Links]] are displayed as just Links, as they are in org-mode.

  • Saving buffers works even when longlines-mode is enabled. (Really oughta start a proper changelog...)

What's borked (aka TODO):

  • Tables -- hitting tab seems to fail.

  • Tags like are hidden, presumably by Org-mode.

    This turns out to be because the original mode hides html tags by default; I didn't notice that. () For now I've bound to twiki-org-toggle-html, which brings up its own set of bugs:

    • This should be configurable

    • For some reason, the toggling won't happen until I press and then any other key. It happens immediately if I run M-x twiki-org-toggle-html. (Whoops: turns out I had -y bound to something, so evidently it was waiting for to be followed by something else to make sure it wasn't that function. But now, if I bind it to f8, it doesn't toggle until I switch to another buffer.)

  • Possibly implementing the "Can I get the visibility-cycling features in outline-mode and outline-minor-mode?" part of the Org FAQ (

  • shift-left/right on a list item promotes the headline it's in, rather than indenting the list item.

  • alt-right will demote a list and the heading it's in; alt-left will just demote the heading.

  • Doubtless doing some Emacs stuff quite wrong; this is my first attempt at anything like this.


Released under the GPL v3, like Orgmode. Comments, patches and suggestions welcome. Share and enjoy!


aardvark [at] saintaardvarkthecarpeted [dot] com

Fork, etc

March 16, 2012


TWiki/Foswiki and Orgmode. Like chocolate and peanut butter.






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