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Alcazar is a Python library that simplifies the task of writing web scrapers.

Some of its core features are:

  • succinct syntax for locating relevant data within an HTML page, JSON document, string of text
  • HTTP caching to disk for exact replay of scrapes without resubmitting HTTP requests
  • Throttling of requests to the same host
  • Automatic retries when an HTTP request fails, or when a page fails to parse as expected
  • Crawler facilities for maintaining a queue of URLs to visit
  • fail-fast: by default, we'd rather crash than save incorrect or incomplete data

Alcazar brings together the following libraries:

Getting Started

Alcazar is available on PyPi so it can be installed it using pip:

pip install alcazar

The simplest way to use the library is to instantiate a Scraper and call its fetch method:

>>> import alcazar
>>> scraper = alcazar.Scraper()
>>> page = scraper.fetch('')
>>> print('div[@id="toc"]/preceding-sibling::p[./b]').text.normalized)
Gorgie (/ˈɡɔːrɡiː/ GOR-gee) is a densely populated area of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is located in the west of the city and borders Murrayfield, Ardmillan and Dalry.

In this snippet:

  • we've fetched the HTML for the page
    • if any network error or HTTP error happens, we'll retry to fetch it a few times, sleeping increasing delays between every attempt
  • we've parsed the HTML into a tree
    • using lxml's excellent handling and recovery from "broken" HTML, as seen in the wild
  • we've located the element we're interested in
    • here using an XPath expression, but we could've used a CSS selector too
    • we've checked that there was one and only one element that matched our query
    • else an exception would've been thrown, ensuring we capture only exactly what we wanted
  • we've extracted its text, removed all tags from it, and normalized its whitespace

See the samples directory for a taste of how Alcazar works.

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