OData Client Library for PHP
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Get started with the OData Client for PHP

A fluent library for calling OData REST services inspired by and based on the Laravel Query Builder.

This library is currently in preview. Please continue to provide feedback as we iterate towards a production-supported library.

Build Status

Install the SDK

You can install the PHP SDK with Composer.

    "require": {
        "saintsystems/odata-client": "^0.2.4"

Call an OData Service

The following is an example that shows how to call an OData service.

use SaintSystems\OData;

class UsageExample
    $odataServiceUrl = 'https://services.odata.org/V4/TripPinService';

    $odataClient = new ODataClient($odataServiceUrl);

    // Retrieve all entities from the "People" Entity Set
    $people = $odataClient->from('People')->get();

    // Or retrieve a specific entity by the Entity ID/Key
    $person = $odataClient->from('People')->find('russellwhyte');
    echo "Hello, I am $person->FirstName ";

    // Want to only select a few properties/columns?
    $people = $odataClient->from('People')->select('FirstName','LastName')->get();


Run Tests

Run vendor/bin/phpunit from the base directory.

Documentation and resources


View or log issues on the Issues tab in the repo.

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) Saint Systems, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the MIT license.