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Asterios Network Android Application Full Source | Social Network
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Asterios Network Android Application Full Source

This repository contains the source code of the Asterios Network application

Thanks to this code, you can create your own social network, and make money on it, the application connects to the network Asterios Network and works through it, as a rule, you need to work hosting, but with the use of Astrios it is not useful to you !

At the end of the article there will be links to frequently asked questions on the code, and settings of your own application!

Below will be given a list of files that should not be changed! This app is configured to the latest 3.0 Api

Use the Asterios server Network much better than servers carts or server Vkontakte

In Asterios Network, the user only needs an Email, not a phone number, as in other networks !

This code you can use as you want! It is laid out to help inexperienced programmers, To make their lives easier !

Https Protocol will reliably protect your users alt text

Create your application for Asterios Network After building this code you will get something like this!

alt text

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