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MLB’s Biggest All-Star Injustices

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game occurs in mid-July every year. All-Star rosters consist of 32 players on each side, made up of twenty position players and twelve pitchers, and each team’s starting lineup is determined by a fan vote that takes place from May to July. Reserves are voted in by a combination of fans, players, and the Commissioner’s Office, and every MLB team is ensured at least one All-Star on their league’s roster. This project creates a model which predicts whether a given position player will make his league’s All-Star roster.

A full description of the project can be found at

Getting started

Prerequisite software

  • Python (suggested install through Anaconda)

  • R

Prerequisite libraries

  • Python:

    • bs4, numpy, pandas, sklearn, seaborn, warnings (all installed with Anaconda)
  • R:

lib <- c('data.table', 'dplyr', 'gtools', 'htmltab', 'lubridate', 'reshape2', 'stringr')

Instructions for use

1. Run the code contained in /python/fangraphs_scrape.ipynb and /python/fangraphs_scrape_2018.ipynb

This code scrapes FanGraphs for all first-half player statistics (for any position player with at least two hundred plate appearances by the All-Star break). The first Jupyter Notebook scrapes statistics from 1988-2017, and the latter scrapes only 2018 numbers.

The output of /python/fangraphs_scrape.ipynb can also be found at /data/fangraphs_scraped.csv. The output of /python/fangraphs_scrape_2018.ipynb has been manually altered to include player positions, and can be found at /data/fangraphs_scraped_2018.csv. It is recommended to directly use the included .csv file, as opposed to re-creating one with /python/fangraphs_scrape_2018.ipynb.

2. Run /r/ws.R

This program scrapes ESPN for World Series history, and cleans the resulting data.

The output of /r/ws.R can also be found at /data/ws.csv.

3. Run /r/firsthalf.R and /r/firsthalf2018.R

This program collects, cleans, and merges All-Star Game and Appearance data (from the Lahman DataBase) with first-half player statistics. Ultimately, the program prepares two datasets for modeling.

The output of /r/firsthalf.R and /r/firsthalf2018.R can also be found at /data/firsthalf.csv and /data/firsthalf2018.csv, respectively.

4. Run the code contained in /python/made_asg.ipynb

This code uses logistic regression, lasso & ridge regression, and random forest modeling (with grid search) to predict whether a given player will make his league's All-Star team. Logistic regression consistely performs the best of the group, and the model is deployed on first-half data from 2018.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.



Predicting whether a player will be voted to the MLB All-Star Game




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