HTML5 version of extended Tic-Tac-Toe Board game
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Tic Tac Toe Extended

Game Description:
This is an extended version of Tic Tac Toe game with a board size of 9x9. The player scores a point on placing his sign in 4 consecutive tiles. The game can be played with another human player or with AI. At the end of the game based on player's score and timing a Badge is awarded which can be shared to Facebook / Twitter. This game also supports HTML5 offline mode, thus requiring no internet connection to play after first run.

HTML5 Features:
  * Uses Canvas Tag to draw the game board and player marks.
  * supports Offline mode
  * uses CSS media queries to scale to different screen sizes.
  * Playable on all devices from Desktop, Tablet to mobile devices (with minimum resolution of 320x480)

Class Design:
  * GameManager: Handles high level game flow and handles UI controls and their events(using jQuery).
  * InputManager: manages game specific input.
  * GameState: holds the state of the game from game tile array, scores, clicked tile, elapsed time, player names, etc.,
  * GameLogic: core game logics like score calculation, checking for win/lose condition, AI.
  * GameBoard: updates and draws the gameboard using an array of BoardTile objects.
  * BoardTile: handles a single tile in the board, updates and draws them.
  * FBWrapper: connects to facebook and shares the game status.
  * TwitterWrapper: connects to twitter and shares the game status.