Event-based idle timer using the Prototype library
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 Prototype Idle Timer v 0.1
 Ideas taken from http://github.com/paulirish/jquery-idletimer
 (c) 2010 Sai Emrys
 Released into the public domain @ http://github.com/saizai/prototype-idletimer
 Do whatever you want with this - though if you're cool you'll share your improvements. 
 $(document).idleTimer();		// create timer on document - 30s by default
 $('my_form').idleTimer();		// ditto, but only count events within my_form
 $(document).idleTimer();		// has no effect - 30s document timer already registered
 $(document).idleTimer(60000);	// create timer on document, 60s
 $(document).idleTimer(100000);	// create timer on document, 100s
 Events fired:
 idle:timeout - when a timer elapses
 idle:return - when activity resumes after a timer has elapsed
 Event data is stored in the event.memo object:
 timer - the registered timer (in ms) related to the event
 idleTime - the exact time (in ms) the user was idle before they returned
 Example sequence of events:
 00s all 3 idleTimers above started; user active in my_form
 10s user moves activity to some other area of the page
 15s user ceases activity
 40s my_form  idle:timeout timer: 30000
 75s document idle:timeout timer: 60000
 45s document idle:timeout timer: 30000  
 90s user resumes activity elsewhere in page
 90s document idle:return timer: 30000, idleTime: 75001 // note: this order is NOT guaranteed
 90s document idle:return timer: 60000, idleTime: 75001 // 
 95s user resumes activity in my_form
 95s my_form idle:return timer: 30000, idleTime: 85000
 $(document).idleTime(); 				// return time the user has been idle, in ms
 										// this only works AFTER idleTimer() has been invoked on the element
 $(document).removeIdleTimer(60000);	// remove just the 60s timer
 $(document).removeIdleTimer();			// remove just the 30s (default) timer
 $(document).removeIdleTimers();		// remove all remaining timers on document (i.e. the 100s above)
 										// note that the 30s timer on my_form is still active
 Example event observers:
 $(document).observe('idle:timeout', function(event) {
	alert('yet another idling out');
	if (event.memo.timer == 60000)
		alert('just hit 60s idle');
 $('my_form').observe('idle:timeout', function(event) {
	if(event.memo.timer == 30000)
		alert('form is now idle (even though the document might not be)');
 // This (like idle:timeout) will get fired once for *each* timer.
 // To avoid repeating action, make sure to check event.memo.timer
 $(document).observe('idle:return', function(event) {
 	// same as above plus
	if(event.memo.idleTime > 86400000)
		alert('back after a whole day!');