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+ <title>Faster purge times, with Turbobytes</title>
+ <script>
+ /* Track one pageview in Google Analytics */
+ var _gaq=[['_setAccount','UA-26004955-1'],['_trackPageview']];(function(d,t){var g=d.createElement(t),s=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];g.src='';s.parentNode.insertBefore(g,s)}(document,'script'));
+ </script>
+ <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" media="screen">
+ <style>
+ p { font-size:0.9em; }
+ </style>
+ <div class="container cont-header" style="background:#444; border-top:none;">
+ <header>
+ <div class="header-left">
+ <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="logo-turbobytes-w200-h52.png" width="200" height="52"></a>
+ </div>
+ </header>
+ </div>
+ <div id="container">
+ <h2>Turbobytes: faster content delivery</h2>
+ <p>Turbobytes is an innovative and robust multi-CDN platform, enabling publishers, webshops and others to have static content delivered by 5 global content delivery networks, resulting in excellent performance everywhere, including in US, China and Australia. The Turbobytes platform closely monitors performance of the CDNs from an end-user perspective and makes sure your content is always delivered by the fastest CDN everywhere in the world. If a CDN becomes slow somewhere, Turbobytes will immediately switch you to another CDN.
+ </p>
+ <h4>Purge times on Turbobytes</h4>
+ <p>Turbobytes works with 5 CDNs, including Level3 and EdgeCast. The purge times vary from instantaneous (seconds) to a few minutes (max 5), and the purge times hardly fluctuate. Purging can be done via the Turbobytes API (REST) and web-based control panel, and each purge requests has status (Pending or Completed).
+ </p>
+ <h4>Free trial &amp; more info</h4>
+ <p>
+ You can try Turbobytes for free, for 7 days. <a target="_blank" href="">Sign up for a free trial</a>.
+ </p>
+ <p>Find out more about Turbobytes: <a target="_blank" href="">How it works</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Features</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Benefits</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Pricing</a>.</p>
+ </div>

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