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# !/usr/bin python
# contain the python program to gather Metrics from vROps. Before you run this script
# should be run once to set the environment
# Author Sajal Debnath <>
# Importing the Modules
import nagini
import requests
#import pprint
import json
import os, sys
import base64
import time
from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning
# Function to get the absolute path from where the script is being run
def get_script_path():
return os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(sys.argv[0]))
# Function to get the metric data
def get_metric_data(resourceknd,adapter,key,sampleno ):
outdata = [] # It's going to store the final JSON data
# Gettting a list of resources which matches the criteria or resourceKind and adapterKind
for resource in vrops.get_resources(resourceKind=resourceknd, adapterKindKey=adapter)['resourceList']:
allstat = {} # This variable will hold all the statistics of all resources
resourcedata = {} # This variable is going to hold value for individual resource
# print (resource['identifier'], resource['resourceKey']['name'])
name = resource['identifier']
# Gettting the metric values for the keys of a particular resource
allvalues = vrops.get_latest_stats(resourceId=name, statKey=key,maxSamples=sampleno, id=name)
# Building the components of the output JSON file
resourcedata["identifier"] = resource['identifier']
resourcedata["name"] = resource['resourceKey']['name']
# Checking for any null values
if not allvalues["values"]:
if int(sampleno) == 1:
for value in allvalues["values"][0]["stat-list"]["stat"]:
allstat[value["statKey"]["key"]] = value["data"][0]
# We have a range of values to store
for singlevalue in allvalues["values"][0]["stat-list"]["stat"]:
# pp.pprint(value)
all_metric_data = []
sample = len(singlevalue["data"])
for i in range(sample):
metric_data = {}
metric_data["value"] = singlevalue["data"][i]
metric_data["timestamp"] = singlevalue["timestamps"][i]
allstat[singlevalue["statKey"]["key"]] = all_metric_data
resourcedata["stats"] = allstat
return outdata
# Disabling the warning sign for self signed certificates. Remove the below line for CA certificates
#pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=2)
# Getting the absolute path from where the script is being run
path = get_script_path()
fullpath = path+"/"+"config.json"
# Opening the config.json file to read the parameters from
with open(fullpath) as data_file:
# Reading the parameters from config.json file
key = []
adapter = data["adapterKind"]
resourceknd = data["resourceKind"]
servername = data["server"]["name"]
passwd = base64.b64decode(data["server"]["password"])
uid = data["server"]["userid"]
sampleno = data["sampleno"]
# Getting the list of Keys for which to collect metrics
for i in data["keys"]:
# connecting to the vROps server
#print("Connecting to vROps")
vrops = nagini.Nagini(host=servername, user_pass=(uid, passwd))
Getting Token
vrops = nagini.Nagini(host=servername, user_pass=(uid, passwd) )
serverdata["username"] = uid
serverdata["password"] = passwd
serverdata["authSource"] = "Local Users"
databack = vrops.acquire_token(serverdata)
token = databack["token"]
validity = databack["validity"]
# Making further calls
# Creating the output variables
outstat = {}
alldata = []
# Getting the metric data for all the resources which match the criteria
alldata = get_metric_data(resourceknd,adapter,key,sampleno )
# Creating final parameters for output JSON file
outstat["allstats"] = alldata
# print ("Completed")
outstat["timestamp"] = time.ctime()
# Getting the path to the output json file
outpath = path+"/"+"metric-data.json"
# Writing the data to output JSON file
with open(outpath, 'w') as outfile:
json.dump(outstat, outfile, sort_keys = True, indent = 2, separators=(',', ':'), ensure_ascii=False)