React SDK for Sajari
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Sajari React SDK

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@sajari/sdk-react is a client side javascript library of React Components for the Sajari search platform to help build fast and powerful search interfaces.

React provides a simple and elegant way to structure user interfaces. The Sajari React SDK provides a way to seamlessly integrate the Sajari platform into any web-based app through the use of easily composable Components.

We also provide a vanilla Sajari JS library here.

sajari search ui

Table of contents


It's easy to get up and running using one of our examples as a starting point. They're pre-configured with all the correct dependencies, so all you need to do is copy the example directory into your own workspace and you're on your way!

  • Basic: basic search box, hit enter to search (View, Edit).
  • Typeahead with Instant Search: search box with typeahead autocomplete and instant search enabled (View, Edit).
  • Suggestions Dropdown: search box with drop-down autocomplete suggestions (View, Edit).
  • Radio/checkbox: radio/checkbox filtering (View, Edit).
  • Custom Result Renderer: custom result renderer (View, Edit)


This module is distributed via npm which is bundled with node and should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:

We distribute the @sajari/sdk-react library through NPM.

$ npm install --save @sajari/sdk-react

This package also depends on react. Please make sure you have those installed as well.


For documentation, see


We use the MIT license

Browser support

The browser support is dependent on the React library, which currently supports recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Sajari, Opera, and IE9+. (17/8/2016)