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import azure.cosmos.cosmos_client as cosmos_client
class CosmosClient:
def __init__(self):
self.config = {
'ENDPOINT': 'your endpoint',
'PRIMARYKEY': 'your cosmosdb primary key',
'DATABASE': 'your db',
'CONTAINER': 'your container'
options = {
'offerThroughput': 400
container_definition = {
'id': self.config['CONTAINER']
# Initialize the Cosmos client
self.client = cosmos_client.CosmosClient(url_connection=self.config['ENDPOINT'], auth={
'masterKey': self.config['PRIMARYKEY']})
self.db = {'id': 'your db', '_rid': '3WcMAA==', '_self': 'dbs/3WcMAA==/', '_etag': '"00008701-0000-0000-0000-5c17324f0000"', '_colls': 'colls/', '_users': 'users/', '_ts': 1545024079}
self.container = {'id': 'your container', 'indexingPolicy': {'indexingMode': 'consistent', 'automatic': True, 'includedPaths': [{'path': '/*', 'indexes': [{'kind': 'Range', 'dataType': 'Number', 'precision': -1}, {'kind': 'Hash', 'dataType': 'String', 'precision': 3}]}], 'excludedPaths': []}, '_rid': '3WcMALwdAY4=', '_ts': 1545024080, '_self': 'dbs/3WcMAA==/colls/3WcMALwdAY4=/', '_etag': '"00008901-0000-0000-0000-5c1732500000"', '_docs': 'docs/', '_sprocs': 'sprocs/', '_triggers': 'triggers/', '_udfs': 'udfs/', '_conflicts': 'conflicts/'}
def getLeaderBoard(self):
options = {}
options['enableCrossPartitionQuery'] = False
options['maxItemCount'] = 100
query = {'query': 'SELECT * FROM server s'}
results = self.client.QueryItems(self.container['_self'], query, options)
for result in results:
def pushData(self,username,highscore):
data = self.client.CreateItem(self.container['_self'], {
"username": str(username),
"highscore": str(highscore),
"message" : str(username) + " got " + str(highscore)
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