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RentMatch is a platform where users can post TO-LETs and find relevant rents for them.


1. Sign Up

Users can sign up with their personal details.

2. Login

Users can login with username and password.

3. Home Feed

Home Feed will show all posts of To-Let by other users. Boosted posts will be higher up in the feed.

4. Profile Management

Users can edit their profile information. They also can add profile picture from profile page.

5. Reset Password

Users can reset their forgotten password.

6. Post To-Let

Users can post To-Let ads with details, map location and with upto 4 photos.

7. Edit Post

Users can edit their To-Let posts.

8. Delete Post

Users can delete their T-Let posts.

9. Select Location on Map

Users can select the location of the place in an interactive map interface by clicking on the location or leave it as is to record current GPS location.

10. View Rent Location on Map and Direction

Users can view the location of the place in an interactive map interface. The interface will show an user's current location and the location of the rent on the map. Users can press a button to see driving directions to the rent place.

11. Boost Post

Users can boost their posts by paying a fee to RentMatch. If payment gets verified, that post will get boosted.

12. Logout

Users can logout from the application.

About Map Feature

MapBox Java SDK was used for this app. The API keys used here were removed. If you want to run this project you need to replace your MapBox API keys in settings.gradle and strings.xml file.


Firebase was used to store the data in this app. The Firebase project used here should be expired. If you want to use the app, please connect your own Firebase account.

App Demonstration Video

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You can clone the repo and open it with Android Studio to run the app.

git clone


RentMatch is an Android App where users can post TO-LETs and find relevant rents for them.








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