interface for ID12LA RFID reader from sparkfun and PiFace
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Function: RFID entry/machine use system for Makerspaces

i did all this 4hrs :) so please...

Usage: -f & (run as background process) -r <room1> (check acces to room /print Card ID)

the user log is saved in the same folder "userlog.txt"

Hardware Connection:
SFE RFID break out        Raspberry Pi(Rev2/1)
VCC           --------->  P1
GND           --------->  P6
TXD           --------->  P8 (GPIO 14)

Magnetic Lock is connected to Relay1 on PiFace

used this guide to free the UART,
use this guide to setup Piface
this needs the pyserial library


CSV database for users, rooms, and card ID


  • Read RFID
  • Validate user from DB
  • Activate Relays
  • Maintain user access logs
  • Deamon process to monitor tasks
  • Failsafe
  • SQL support
  • Web interface for user management