Blockchain-based decentralized application for kidney transplant matching.
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Kidner solidity files

Brief Description

Kidner is a platform that helps people finding match for kidney exchange. It's a global database, Blockchain-based, secured with cryptographic tools. Today, when someone is willing to give a kidney to a sick parent as an act of generosity, it’s not always a fit from a medical point of view, but what if someone else is in the exact same situation and they can swap kidneys? Numbers have shown that it is better to have a transplant from a living donor. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find both will & compatibility. So with Kidner, if you have found the “will” we will help with “compatibility” part. Thanks to the Blockchain, you join a global and secure database of people exactly in the same situation as yours without border issues. You increase the chance to find a proper match while being fully protected. Privacy and confidentiality are preserved thanks to encryption tools, and certificates - which you need to join the platform - are issued by a Doctor. Everything else is decentralized and happens in real time. When a match is found, you are notified by Kidner and your Doctor receives all the information needed to arrange the operation logistics.