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Sakai's Support for IMS Standards

This folder holds the Sakai code for IMS Learning Tools Interoperability and other standards. This area has many different contributors.

There are several internal documents that you might find useful ranging from test plans to developer/configuration documentation. These documents are stored here in github:

Aditional Documentation

Sakai QA Tests are available at:

Sakai has an LTI 1.1 unit test that we keep up-to-date with the latest LTI specifications. The test harness functions as both Consumer and Provider and exercises both standard services and Sakai's particular extensions. I make this tool available online at

Internal Documentation

SAK-30601 - Upgraded BasicLTI dashboard

New Sakai properties added:

  • and : Used by the new dynamic column in the "site tools" table.
    • : Defines which site property we will show
    • : Title for the column header. This property can be a text or a translation key.
    • If is not defined or is blank, the column will not be displayed.
    • Example :

New actions supported :

BASE_URL/portal/site/SITE_ID/tool/TOOL_ID?panel=ToolSite&sakai_action=doSort&criteria=COLUMN_ID BASE_URL/portal/site/SITE_ID/tool/TOOL_ID?panel=ToolSite&sakai_action=doChangePageSize&pagesize=[10,50,100,200] BASE_URL/portal/site/SITE_ID/tool/TOOL_ID?panel=ToolSite&sakai_action=doChangePage&page_event=[next,prev,last,first] #doChangePage also supports the 'pagesize' parameter BASE_URL/portal/site/SITE_ID/tool/TOOL_ID?panel=ToolSite&sakai_action=doChangePage&page_event=[next,prev,last,first]&pagesize=[10,50,100,200] BASE_URL/portal/site/SITE_ID/tool/TOOL_ID?panel=ToolSite&sakai_action=doSearch&field=COLUMN_ID&search=SEARCH_VALUE

New URLs used in export service :

  • CSV : BASE_URL/access/basiclti/site/SITE_ID/export:CSV
  • Excel : BASE_URL/access/basiclti/site/SITE_ID/export:EXCEL

You can also specify a filter with a TOOL_ID

  • CSV : BASE_URL/access/basiclti/site/SITE_ID/export:CSV:TOOL_ID
  • Excel : BASE_URL/access/basiclti/site/SITE_ID/export:EXCEL:TOOL_ID
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