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maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures openvpn and includes rake tasks for managing certs"
long_description, ''))
version "0.99.2"
recipe "openvpn", "Installs and configures openvpn"
recipe "openvpn::users", "Sets up openvpn cert/configs for users data bag items"
%w{ redhat centos fedora ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "openvpn/local",
:display_name => "OpenVPN Local",
:description => "Local interface (ip) to listen on",
:default => "ipaddress"
attribute "openvpn/proto",
:display_name => "OpenVPN Protocol",
:description => "UDP or TCP",
:default => "udp"
attribute "openvpn/type",
:display_name => "OpenVPN Type",
:description => "Server or server-bridge",
:default => "server"
attribute "openvpn/subnet",
:display_name => "OpenVPN Subnet",
:description => "Subnet to hand out to clients",
:default => ""
attribute "openvpn/netmask",
:display_name => "OpenVPN Netmask",
:description => "Netmask for clients",
:default => ""
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