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*** Settings ***
Documentation tags search
Test Setup setup
Test Teardown teardown
*** Variables ***
${scalar} 12
@{list} 1 2
*** Test Cases ***
robot keywords can be found with tags
a robot kw
also try finding a kw given as argument a robot kw
and if you select the following: a robot kw ,it should be found
robot keywords with infix arguments can also be searched
a kw with 'infix' argument
a kw with a list 'infix' argument
variables used as arguments can be searched using tags
from normal kw arguments ${scalar} @{list}
and also when the variables '${scalar}' '@{list}' are used in infix position
# note that the cursor point needs to be inside the variable when
# doing this i.e. anywhere from '$' to '}'
variables cannot be completed correctly
when given as normal arguments (try ESC TAB) ${scal
#note the crap
and in infix position it is even worse
variables set with kws are tagged with
set suite variable ${suitevar} abc
set global variable @{globalvar} 123
set test variable ${testvar} test
set funny-kind-of variable ${funnyvar} funny
# M-. on top of above variables should bring you to the same line.
# The gist of the thing is that thinks that everything
# matching 'set ... variable ${varname}' defines some kind of
# variable.
variables passed as arguments cannot be found with tags
[Arguments] ${arg1}
doing M-. on '${arg1}' will not work
variables passed as '${tagged-infix}' arguments on the other hand are found
as we can see by doing M-. on '${tagged-infix}' does work
# but poorly as the search is not restricted to inside the kw
# being defined. In other words it works only by accident as what
# is really being found from the tags is the whole kw.
kw completion
a kw with a
*** Keywords ***
a kw with '${infix}' argument
comment should be found
a kw with a list '@{infix}' argument
comment should be found
a robot kw
comment this should be found
a robot kw found next
comment press continue tags finding to get here after finding 'a robot kw'