doctest v0.6 #8

merged 1 commit into from Mar 26, 2012

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This patch is to use doctest v0.6.

In my environment, this patch works well. But this is just a sample implementation. Please review this carefully.

What I want is to use doctest v0.6. So, it's nice even if you support doctest v0.6 by yourself and reject this patch.


@kazu-yamamoto it is important to restrict the version of doctest to < 0.7.

The next version of Doctest will print source locations on failing tests. This is an awesome feature (IMO), but it will sadly break the API again.

@sakari sakari merged commit 985c833 into sakari:master Mar 26, 2012

@sol thanks for the heads up. @kazu-yamamoto your change seemed ok, I did a bit of tuning on top of that and will upload this to hackage.

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