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What is this?
torss is a script which scrapes RSS feeds from torrent trackers, then downloads
the torrent files that match user defined rules. It is generally called via
cron on seedboxes to download a torrent as soon as it's released.

torss requires some knowledge of bash and regular expressions to configure.
Also torss works better on private trackers where duplicates are discouraged.

How to install

0. Install xmlstarlet ( as a dependency
1. Download and extract the archive
2. Copy to torss executable into /usr/bin/
3. Copy rules.sample and the getters folder into /etc/torss/

Beyond that, if you are using private trackers you will need to create the
getter scripts for those, unless they exist in /etc/torss/getters/ (in which
case you still need to modify that file to insert your own credentials).

You should also create ~/.config/torss for each user who will use torss.
Any user specific getter scripts should go into ~/.config/torss/getters/.

Example Usage

This will download dummy files (actually images, but we'll pretend they are
torrents) according to dummy rules. Since we specify the sample rules file, use
the included demo getter script and specify a history file in /tmp we don't
need to create ~/.config/torrs at all.
  torss -i /tmp/torss-history -g demo -r /etc/torss/rules.sample

Two "torrent" files should be downloaded when running that. Running the same command
again will not download any, as they have been listed in the history file


Any bugs or feedback should be sent to