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Various binary trees for Common Lisp with a hash-table like interface

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README: cl-treemaps

cl-treemaps is an implementation of various binary trees for Common Lisp. The
interface is derived from the Common Lisp hash-table.

Currently only red-black trees are implemented. But AA trees and possibly others
will follow shortly in time.


The cl-treemaps package itself doesn't have any dependencies. The test part
however needs FiveAM.

Version History

+ Red black trees implemented with top down iterative algorithm.
  Big credits to Julienne Walker for supplying the necesary insights.
+ Red black split and merge use insert to create new tree instead of reusing
  an existing one. This will be fixed when I fully embrace the internal working
  of the data structure.
+ Tests and examples on how to use the tree are also included.
+ The implementation is still not optimzed (see compiler warnings). Hints are
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