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replace map-tree with version using the with-iterator makro

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commit 1f41cd8109a1af9660a221f62dd53a409f81f442 1 parent 15d081a
@sake authored
Showing with 6 additions and 15 deletions.
  1. +6 −15 src/redblack.lisp
21 src/redblack.lisp
@@ -203,21 +203,12 @@
(defmethod map-tree ((function function) (tree redblack-tree-map))
- "Quick and dirty iterate over all elements. TODO: replace with with-hash-table-iterator"
- (let ((result nil))
- (labels ((recurse-node (node)
- ;; construct list starting from biggest value and appending the smaller to the front
- (if node
- (progn
- ;; recurse to the right
- (recurse-node (rb-right node))
- ;; add node to result list
- (setf result (append (list (list (rb-key node) (rb-value node)))
- (if result (list result))))
- ;; recurse to the left
- (recurse-node (rb-left node))))))
- (recurse-node (data tree)))
- (mapc #'(lambda (x) (funcall function (first x) (second x))) result))
+ (with-treemap-iterator (iter tree)
+ (loop
+ (multiple-value-bind (found-p key value) (iter)
+ (if found-p
+ (funcall function key value)
+ (return)))))

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