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CS Make - Sake

Welcome to Sake, a C# language enabled make system.

Getting Sake from source and building

This also a way you can see Sake in action - it downloads itself from the Nuget gallery to build.

git clone && cd sake && build

Or to build on Mac or Linux

git clone && cd sake && ./build

Getting Sake on your machine

Via Chocolatey

This is a convenient if you want to run sake in any directory from a command line.

cinst sake -pre

First, you'll need to get chocolatey if you don't already have it. From a Package Manager Console

Install-Package chocolatey
Uninstall-Package chocolatey

Or there are other ways of getting chocolatey, see

Getting Sake in your project's build

Via build.cmd bootstrapper

This is another nice technique if you want to use Sake in your project and don't to need people to install anything machine-wide. What you do is use Nuget.exe to download SAKE from the gallery in a pre-build step. This takes three files, package.config, build.cmd, and makefile.shade.


  <package id="Sake" version="0.1.0-alpha" />
  <!-- add other packages used as build tools, like nunit or xunit-runner -->


@echo off
".nuget\NuGet.exe" install -OutputDirectory packages .\packages.config
"packages\Sake.0.1.0-alpha\tools\sake.exe" %*


  log info="Hello world!"