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package me.saket.flick.sample.viewer
import androidx.annotation.ColorInt
import com.squareup.picasso.Transformation
/** Adds a solid padding around an image. */
class PicassoPaddingTransformation(
private val paddingPx: Float,
@ColorInt private val paddingColor: Int
) : Transformation {
override fun key() = "padding_$paddingPx"
override fun transform(source: Bitmap): Bitmap {
if (paddingPx == 0F) {
return source
val targetWidth = source.width + paddingPx * 2F
val targetHeight = source.height + paddingPx * 2F
// It would have been nice if Picasso offered a Bitmap pool, just like Glide.
val bitmapWithPadding = Bitmap.createBitmap(targetWidth.toInt(), targetHeight.toInt(), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
val canvas = Canvas(bitmapWithPadding)
val paint = Paint()
paint.color = paddingColor
canvas.drawRect(0F, 0F, targetWidth, targetHeight, paint)
canvas.drawBitmap(source, paddingPx, paddingPx, null)
return bitmapWithPadding