Pull to collapse

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Intercept gesture

ExpandablePageLayout currently does not understand nested scrolling, so if the content contains scrollable child Views, the pull-to-collapse gesture will have to be intercepted manually.

expandablePage.pullToCollapseInterceptor = { downX, downY, upwardPull ->
  val directionInt = if (upwardPull) +1 else -1
  val canScrollFurther = scrollableContainer.canScrollVertically(directionInt)
  if (canScrollFurther) InterceptResult.INTERCEPTED else InterceptResult.IGNORED

When the scrollable children do not consume the entire space, the downX and downY parameters can be used to check if the touch actually lies on them. See the sample app for an example.

Collapse threshold

When the content is pulled and released, ExpandablePageLayout uses the default toolbar height as the threshold to decide if the content can be collapsed. This can be customised using,

expandablePage.pullToCollapseThresholdDistance = THRESHOLD_IN_PIXELS
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