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A prestashop module for implementing Cash On Delivery with a fee with a lot of options.


  • Compatible with multiple currencies and multiple shops
  • Ability to either integrate the COD fee with the Carrier's fee, or add a dummy product in the order to reflect the fee with configurable tax.
  • Many parameters to check for in order to apply the fee (cart total, delivery country, delivery zone, carrier, customer group, product categories, manufacturers, suppliers).
  • Many ways to calculate the fee (fixed value, percentage of the cart value or a combination of the two).
  • All parameters are defined in conditions, which each calculates a fee if is validated. You can choose to use the first one that was validated, or add all of the successful ones to define the fee.
  • Ability to test a scenario to see if your condition will produce the desirable fee.
  • Ability to store all the purchases done with this module, with a complete log of how the fee was calculated.
  • Ability to check (or autocheck if configured) for an update.


Just like any prestashop module. Just zip the codwfeeplus folder and upload your zip file to the prestashop modules page, selecting to add a module.