Neovim thin wrapper for GDB, LLDB and PDB
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GDB for neovim

Gdb, LLDB and PDB integration with NeoVim.

Table of contents


Taken from the neovim: neovim_gdb.vim

It is instantly usable: type <leader>dd, edit GDB launching command, hit <cr>. Or type <leader>dl to do the same with LLDB backend. Or type <leader>dp to start debugging a python program.


nvim-gdb + llvm


Check the prerequisites in the script test/

If you use vim-plug, add the following line to your vimrc file for the mainstream version:

Plug 'sakhnik/nvim-gdb', { 'do': './' }

or for the original VimL version:

Plug 'sakhnik/nvim-gdb', { 'branch': 'legacy' }

You can use any other plugin manager too:

  • vundle
  • neobundle
  • pathogen


To disable the plugin

let g:loaded_nvimgdb = 1

The behaviour of the plugin can be tuned by defining specific variables. For instance, you could overload some command keymaps:

let g:nvimgdb_config_override = {
  \ 'key_next': 'n',
  \ 'key_step': 's',
  \ 'key_finish': 'f',
  \ 'key_continue': 'c',
  \ 'key_until': 'u',
  \ 'key_breakpoint': 'b',
  \ }

Likewise, you could define your own hooks to be called when the source window is entered and left. Please refer to the online NeoVim help: :help nvimgdb.


See :help nvimgdb for the complete online documentation. Most notable commands:

Mapping Command Description
<Leader>dd :GdbStart gdb -q ./a.out Start debugging session, allows editing the launching command
<Leader>dl :GdbStartLLDB lldb ./a.out Start debugging session, allows editing the launching command
<Leader>dp :GdbStartPDB python -m pdb Start Python debugging session, allows editing the launching command
<F8> :GdbBreakpointToggle Toggle breakpoint in the coursor line
<F4> :GdbUntil Continue execution until a given line (until in gdb)
<F5> :GdbContinue Continue execution (continue in gdb)
<F10> :GdbNext Step over the next statement (next in gdb)
<F11> :GdbStep Step into the next statement (step in gdb)
<F12> :GdbFinish Step out the current frame (finish in gdb)
<c-p> :GdbFrameUp Navigate one frame up (up in gdb)
<c-n> :GdbFrameDown Navigate one frame down (down in gdb)


The goal is to have a thin wrapper around GDB, LLDB and PDB, just like the official TUI. NeoVim will enhance debugging with syntax highlighting and source code navigation.