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How to start FlighGear Flight Simulator in Windows
2018-08-16 22:38:01 +0300
win fgfs

Just to keep in mind, there are a couple of caveats: scenery, keyboard and "Bad conversion".

If the simulation starts in the middle of the ocean, you are missing scenery files. The easiest way to fix would be to let it download automatically as needed.

If the keyboard seems not to work, make sure you had US layout before launching fgfs. Probably, you could test the layout inside the fgrun, and switch it if needed.

If the fatal error "Bad conversion" fires up, the application may be struggling with the Cyrillic path to the scenery. Make sure that the scenery is downloaded into a convenient short path written with Latin characters. Also, copy the %APPDATA% from c:\Program Files\FlightGear into the directory with the scenery.

Fly safely!